Tips And Tricks For Makeup Application

We think we as girls know all about makeup; still, each one of us would be applying it in a different way. So, are we all right because there can’t be a million right ways to apply make-up? This is where we all go wrong, we need to stop being so confident of our ways, and we should look into ways which have been recommended by professionals so that we can be sure that our make-up application is no less than a pro. There are some basic make-up items that we all own and this article is going to give some tips about to use each one of them the right way.

#1 Concealer

Girls usually make this mistake of using concealer or foundation on their eyelids when they are covering their face. This, however, should not be done because it makes your eyelids to crease and this in return will disturb your eye make-up too.

#2 Foundation

If your skin is not that blemished then you should blend it using your fingers to give a sheer coverage and if you want full coverage then it is better to use a foundation brush.

#3 Powder

You should apply powder to that part of the face which is shiniest, and this part is usually your T-zone. After this, you can light dust the powder in other areas. Be sure to not overdo the powder.

#4 Bronzer

Bronzer should be put on your face, neck, and chest to make sure that you have an even skin tone. Try stepping into a light area and then see the color to check that it is even and the same color.

#5 Blush

Some people make this mistake of applying blush straight away to their cheeks, and that makes them look like a doll. You should smile and then apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks, then stroke it towards the top of your ears but just in a small distance then move it down the jaw line.

#6 Eyebrow

There is only one out of ten girls who has those perfect filled and dark brows. For all those who don’t have to use a brow pencil for that. They should lightly trace the brow pencil along their shape, and powder trace it a little, so it gets perfected. This should give you an instant facelift.

#7 Lipstick

Never make the mistakes of applying lipstick directly because then it will ruin the lip shape. You need to first outline it with a similar color but don’t make it dark. Then apply the lipstick, start from the cupid’s bow first and then to the corners of your mouth.

#8 Eyeshadow

You should first put a light eye shade on your base lids so that it is all prepped up for your make-up.

#9 Eyeliner

For applying eyeliner, you should get close to the mirror so you can see it clearly. Now start with the inner corners first and then move out.

#10 Mascara

Start from the roots of your lashes and zigzag its way up.