8 Must Have Workout Accessories

Going to the gym daily can get really irritating sometimes, and this is why most of us start working out at home. When you workout at home you have to take care of some things because otherwise you will not achieve your results or it will take a lot of time. These eight accessories are a must have if you want to achieve your fitness results fast and in the same way as you would if you were going to a regular gym.

Jump Rope

Jump rope exercise can be done anywhere in the house and can make you lose a lot of calories in just a 20-30 minute workout session. The deal with jump ropes is that you can easily carry them while traveling, so your workout session isn’t interrupted at any day. It tightens your calves, legs, and butt within days.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands, too, are travel-friendly and will easily slip into your bag pockets. They are a great alternative to dumbbells and weights. If you carry out all your workout reps by placing these bands, you will notice great results in just a few weeks and get a slim and perfect body.

Medicine ball

All your toning exercises like lunges, shoulder presses, and ball throws can all be done with the help of this medicine ball. The good thing about this is that you can use it anywhere, whether you are at home, work or gym.

Abs wheel

The abs wheel is great to get you that perfect six-pack and will give you something new to work with if you are tired of the old sit-up reps. Get into a plank posture and move the wheel from away and back to your knee area. This movement with the wheel will put pressure on your abs and get them in shape.

Gliding disks

You may not have heard about this accessory in a workout routine but it is surely and interesting way to tone your core body. All you have to do is get into a plank position and put the gliders underneath your feet. By keeping the arms in one place, drag your feet forward up to your chest and back again. Repeat this movement, and you will feel the pressure building up.


Fitbit is not just a device to flaunt, but you need to actually make use of it as well. This wearable gadget will keep you motivated because you will be able to keep a good track of your steps and calories burned. It is one of the best ways to manage your health.

Stability ball

We all have trouble while exercising in maintaining balance and due to the very reason; we end up skipping some important exercises. This stability ball is going to help us maintain our balance and make sit-ups, wall squats, ball leg raises and back extensions easy and enjoyable to do.


Kettlebells are great to strengthen and tone your muscle groups without having to go to the gym. You can combine your usual exercises like squats and lunges with these kettlebells to build more pressure and therefore get better results.